Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lab results were good

Em had her labs yesterday and her ANC was in the 3000's on %75 dosage. This is a really good result, though they are going to keep her at %75 for at least one more week to be sure. All her other numbers were good too. I don't have much else to report at this time.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Great Father's day weekend

Emily finished up her 5 day blast of Prednisone this past Saturday. She did pretty well on it this month. Her behavior was pretty controlled and so was her appetite. She definitely ate more, but wasn't bugging us for junk food the entire time. She seems to be doing well on her %75 dosage and we will know more about that on Wednesday when she gets her labs results. My best guess is that even if her ANC is a little high they will keep her on %75 dosage another week. We had a really nice Father's day. We went out for breakfast, later in the day Haley and Emily each gave me a framed photo of us together. I also BBQ'ed some really yummy chicken for dinner, my Dad's "Super Chicken" recipe in his honor on Father's day.

This week the big news will be lab results Wednesday. I'll update the blog when I have some news.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great results from the CT and Labs

Today we got the results of Emily's CT she took last week. The great news is she is still in remission. We were obviously happy to hear this. Both Tracy and I had a great deal of anxiety about the results but weren't really telling each other. So it lifts a lot of stress to have that out of the way. We only get CT's every 6 months so it's not something we get used to in treatment.

Emily's lab results were really good too. She is on her monthly Prednisone and her ANC was over 6000. Prednisone makes your ANC increase. Her other levels that we track looked really good too. We are going to increase her chemo to %75.

Dr. Link had a longer exam with Emily than normal, probably connected with the CT scan. About once a quarter we start a new cycle of chemo and this is one of those times. He explained that most likely we are going to stay on %75 dosage for a while because she has had trouble in each proceeding cycle. But if she is looking strong they will look at increasing again.

After her exam Emily got her monthly IV chemo.

This week Emily will finish out her Prednisone and take her daily chemo. We don't have anything else planned medically. She is out of school for the summer and is looking for play dates. We also have a community pool that is really popular with Emily this summer.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CT Exam and labs

Emily had her CT Scan this morning, along with her weekly labs. We have learned through experience now, how to coordinate the lab draw with the IV placement, so Emily only gets stuck once with a needle. Today her Synera patch didn't work on making her numb so the needle stick hurt, but she still did great and they got her blood for labs and prepped her for CT.

For a CT Scan you have to go through Admitting at the hospital, once that was done, you go to radiology where they take you to another waiting room, where Emily could drink her Contrast for the CT. They mix it with Gatorade and Emily doesn't seem to mind. We waited in the waiting room a good half hour, maybe a little longer, until they came in and brought us to the CT Scanner. They must just have one CT scanner at Packard because we have had the same once through treatment. Emily gets hooked up to her IV next. Then I leave, but Tracy opts to stay in the room and wears protection. I did once but don't anymore, there is no need for both for all of us to be in there. The scan itself it pretty quick, and we were done. I don't expect to get results until maybe next week at her physical exam, but we may hear something sooner, you never know.

We got the results of the labs and her blood is looking better. She isn't neutropenic anymore. Her ANC is 1962 as you can see below. We would expect a rise in ANC on %50 dosage and we have it. They are going to keep her on %50 dosage this week.
WBC 3.0
Hgb 12.9
Plts 307
ANC 1,962

Next week is her monthly IV treatment and Prednisone along with an exam from the doctor.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weekend away

Tracy and I did get away for our "mini getaway" in Las Vegas. It was a good time, we saw a good show, ate some amazing meals, relaxed, slept in, swam a little in the pool. I am really glad we were able to get away and don't regret it, but also being away allowed me to focus on all we have going on, and it was somewhat depressing. I don't think I was able to stop worrying about Emily the entire time, both short and long term about what will happen to her. I am happy we have one more weekend day to all hang out as a family.

This coming week Emily will be having her CT Scan. It's an anxious time for Tracy and I when we have these scans. Hers will be on Wednesday. She will also have a blood draw to check her levels. I hope her ANC starts to rebound on this lower dose and we can start to talk about increasing it in a few weeks.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Emily's levels are still too low, they are going to lower her dose

Emily was neutropenic again this week with her ANC at 490. She has been low for so long now that her NP talked to Dr. Link and he wants to lower her dosage this week back down to %50. Let's hope that she is able to over come whatever virus she has had here so she can get back on track with her chemotherapy at %100 dosage where it really needs to be. Next week she is going to have a CT Scan which I am also really anxious about.

Tracy and I are going away tomorrow for two nights in Las Vegas which we are really looking forward to, but it's mixed feelings for me at this point because Emily is neutropenic, since it increases her chances of being hospitalized. My Mom is going to watch them and for a night, and then Tracy's parents for the next night. They are all capable of caring for her, and want the best, but they also don't know as much about Emily's care as Tracy and I do, so I fret about going.