Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Emily is back to %100 chemo dose.

After about a 6 week lag Emily has been cleared to go back to %100 chemo dose, since her ANC was over 1000, at 1039. You can see that it was barely over so it's really important that she attempts to avoid sick people and to wash her hands like crazy. Both Tracy and I have really been pushing the hand washing, sometimes having the girls do it for no reason. We also mix sanitizer in there from time to time.

We were hoping that Packard would have the H1N1 vaccine today, but they are still waiting. I hope they get it soon, I really want Emily to get it. I've been following it on the news and they expect it to peak next week. Luckily her school hasn't had any out breaks of it yet.

This weekend is a big one. Friday is Emily's actual birthday ! She is really excited about her birthday this year, and she is so much healthier than last year so we are trying to make it as special for her as we can. Her class is already having a Halloween party that day but Em still wants to bring donuts, so she's going to. On Saturday some good friends of ours are having a Halloween Party which we are going to go to during the afternoon, and then come home to our neighborhood for trick or treating. Emily and Haley are super excited about trick or treating. Emily is going to be a Ferry and Haley is going to be a Witch. On Sunday is Emily's birthday party which is going to be a ice skating party in the afternoon. It's going to be a long and fun weekend, and of course full of sugar.

(Wahoo fish Taco will give your kids a free meal if they give them all of their Halloween candy. Not a bad idea.)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

remain at %75

Emily had another week of good lab results. Her ANC was around 2600 so that means she will stay on %75 dosage again this week. Her protocol says she can only step up every two weeks after a reduction, so this is exactly the news we wanted to hear. When Emily changes her dosage of ANC she gets a rash on her face, we've noticed it three times. She had it again this recent reduction in chemo, it isn't anything to worry about. There really isn't anything remarkable going on in Emily's treatment. We just are trying to avoid crowds where there could be sick people.

Emily is getting ready for her birthday party. She is going to have an ice skating party and she is really excited about it. She has only ice skated once at a Brownie event but she really wants to do this and she is really excited about it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

great labs again

Emily had her weekly labs and her ANC has bounced back up to 3200. That's good considering her %50 dosage. Now she will go up to %75 dosage for this week, and hopefully the following week. After that, and if she can stay virus free, she will be back at full dosage on her chemo. I feel a lot better having her on %75. The whole family has had the flu shot as of today. I was the last one to get it, I waited until they had it at work, so I could get it free. In a week or so Emily should be given swine flu vaccination when the clinic gets their allotment of it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another monthly IV chemo complete

Emily had her monthly IV treatment and physical exam yesterday. The exam and IV treatment went very well, she looks good and there were no issues accessing her vein for IV and lab draws. The vein in her left hand is getting harder to access, she has to hold her hand in a specific position for it to work. It is getting scared and hard the nurse said. Good thing we only have 5 of these remaining in her treatment.

Emily has gained some weight again so we are once again increasing her prednisone dose from 13mg x3 per day to 14mgx3 per day, for her 5 day Prednisone flash. The side effects of Prednisone are troubling from minor ones to some possible yucky severe ones. I think of all her medications we see the effects of Prednisone the most.

Her ANC was really low considering she is on Prednisone. Usually on her Prednisone week we see ANC's of 4000 - 6000, this week just 1840. What you can read into that is she is still really battling her virus, or that she is fighting a new one. Her school is a virtual virus incubator right now, and we have been holding her out of school more often, through she is there today. With an 1840 she remains on a %50 dose of her chemo. I think it's going to be a while until she's back on %100 dosage. I'd like to remind everyone to please get your flu shot, wash your hands more often, and stay away from people when you have a cold. Yes I am talking to you.

without going into the details Emily had a really challenging day yesterday. I went to pick her up from Gymnastics and she told me she had spent most of the hour in the bathroom crying. I told her that I thought it was incredible that she was even at Gymnastics hours after being in the hospital for treatment. After Gymnastics she choose to do her homework over watching TV with me, again I was proud of my little girl.