Friday, August 13, 2010

August Update

I'm happy to report that Emily had her August checkup and the results were good. They weren't perfect though, her white blood cell count was below the normal level, and they also felt some swollen lymph nodes. They suspect she is probably just about to get a virus or is currently fighting one off. Our NP, Saddie, showed us her entire CBC results and told us that several of the readings need to be out of range before they would get concerned. She has had dips like this before she told us, looking back at her charts. Dr. Link's assessment was that Emily looks great, and there is nothing to worry about. The lymph nodes that are swollen are not the ones they worry about. Emily had been playing with a child who was sick, a day before her appointment. All that said it wasn't the most assuring check up we have had. I suspect with school starting up soon that flu season will be back and CBC results will vary more over the year, and I need to prepare for that.

Other than this checkup we rarely talk about Emily's cancer anymore. It's pretty nice. Of course people ask me all the time how she is, which I love. Our family's focus lately has been biking. We all got new bikes recently and have been doing a lot of riding. Emily also went camping this past month with her cousins and her grandpa. I think the big excitement for the month was going to horseback riding camp. Next week we have her enrolled in a sports camp, and then school starts.

Next month she'll have a check xray to check things out inside.