Thursday, April 3, 2014

Emily is now 4 + years of full remission

I never update the Blog anymore because I hardly think of Emily's cancer like I used it. It used to be the first and last thing I'd stress on when I woke till I went to sleep. Now I just worry if her grades are good and how she's behaving. Emily is in 7th grade, she's 12 and she's a typical pre-teen in all it's glory. The support this blog gave me, well I can never repay any of you for it. This was great therapy for me, and a good way to communicate with you all. I will update at least one more time when she hits 5 years and is completely done with her Oncologist and goes into After Care.

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Lauren said...

Aloha Chris, Tracy and Emily! It's Lauren. I'm so happy that you updated the blog! Emily has never been far from my mind. I've prayed for her continuously and I'm so glad she's doing well! Has she seen Frozen? It's so awesome! The trip you guys took sounds like it was just what you needed. I'm glad you guys had fun! I've been doing a lot of writing and playing with my tabby cat, Rajah. I adopted him three years ago. He's been a delight and joy in my life. Has Emily seen Dolphin Tale? I was just wondering because it was a fantastic movie and the sequel is coming out on Friday! I hope she has an awesome school year and continues to do well health wise! I hope to hear from you guys soon, but take your time.