Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Update

It's been two months since I have made an update to Emily's blog. That's the longest I've ever gone. It's a good sign, because it means Emily's cancer is not on the forefront of my mind or a top concern any longer. Trust me there is still plenty of stress circling around, but compared to the past two years, it's really nothing.

The September exam went well, she had a chest x-ray, physical exam, and blood work, all were normal. In October we had her exam and blood work done yesterday and she also looked great. Emily got to discontinue the last medication she was on, Bactrim, since they feel her immune system is back to full strength and she can now fight off infections like the rest of us.

Emily is doing really, really well in school. She has a great teacher, and we have her going to a tutor twice a week to catch up. I think she's already pretty much caught up, but she wants to continue her tutor, and I have no problems with that.


Jayme Gurl! said...

So good to see this wonderful update on Em....miss you guys! Go Emily!!!! You can beat this thing!

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