Thursday, July 15, 2010

July's monthly exam.

This past Wednesday was time for Emily's monthly checkup and blood test. This was her 4th month since she stopped chemo on March 12th. The exam itself was not remarkable, Emily looks great and her blood work did as well. Dr. Link's comment as he was leaving the room and took one more look at Emily he said, " you're just gorgeous." Tracy and I both commented later that we don't think he says that to every patient.

Emily does look exceptionally healthy right now. She has lost most if not all of her "Prednisone face" and lost some of the weight gain that those steroids caused. She also has been really active this summer. Lately she has been really focused at doing all sorts of flips on the monkey bars. This past month we also made it up to Lake Tahoe for the 4th of July. Emily and Haley both had a good time. Coming up this next month Emily is going to be going camping with her Grandpa and three cousins at Rawlins Lake in the Sierra's. That will mark Emily's 4th trip to the Sierra's this summer. She is also going to do a week long horse back riding camp she is looking forward to. We are trying to keep her busy this summer.

Overall things are going really well for us. I think Tracy and I thought that transitioning off of chemo was going to be tougher than it has been so far. We don't look back too often, and really don't think much about the details of experience expect for once a month in the days leading up to her exam.

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