Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Final labs of Chemo are complete, 3 nights of meds to go

Emily had her weekly labs today. (how many times have I written that exact sentence.) We got the results in the standard 2 hours, and Emily's ANC was 2100, which at %75 dose was a little lower than we expected. In fact, Tracy and I were thinking if she had been on %100 dosage all last week there is a chance she'd have been neutropenic today. So once again, great call Dr. Link on the dosage !

Emily has 3 nights of medicine left. Tonight will be 6MP, tomorrow night 6MP and Methotrexate, and Friday night will be 6MP her final dose. Emily has requested to smash a Prednisone pill with a hammer in the back yard on Saturday, which we are going to let her do. The rest of her medication will be returned to the pharmacy so they can properly dispose of it.

One last BIG blog post to go in therapy. I plan to maintain the blog after but probably reduce normal updates to monthly.

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