Thursday, February 11, 2010

28 days and counting.

Emily had her weekly labs yesterday. Her ANC was around 3000 so that means she remains on %75 dosage. If her ANC is about 1000 next week, she will go back to %100 dosage. As of today her chemotherapy is scheduled to end 4 weeks from tonight. I don't have much else to write this week, everything is going well.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your ever faithful updates. Know that I continue to pray for each of you. The milestone of chemo completion is in sight and what a sweet day that will be. YOu are so very wise to really celebrate as a family with your cruise. Sounds like a perfect way to commemorate this very difficult chapter in life and embrace the next one.
God bless each of you.
Pam ( a friend from Tracy's work)

Emma said...

Yeah!! 28 more days!

Unknown said...