Friday, January 15, 2010

Hospital day 2, update

Emily was admitted to her room in 1-North last night. She is doing great. she had a nice night of sleep, has watched about 5 movies, done some art projects sent down from the play room, and we walked over to the Stanford side of the hospital to listen to their live Jazz series they have on Friday's at the in the Bing Atrium. This morning Dr. Dahl was doing rounds on 1-North and saw us late morning. He explained that even though Emily looks great, given that she was neutropenic and had a fever spike, the protocol for her treatment says she needed to be hospitalized for at least 48 hours. She needs to get IV antibiotics and regain her ANC count. In 48 hours the results of her blood and urine cultures will be back and if they are negative and her ANC is at a certain threshold, she will be released. Unfortunately for her 48 hours will be at 11pm Saturday night, and they usually don't discharge people at night, so she may be in here until Sunday morning.

Yes its' stressful to have a child in the hospital, but overall Tracy and I are not worried one bit about this, it's just part of treatment, part of the "drill".

We have a nice private room tucked in near the Stem Cell transplant part of the ward so it's very secluded and private and quiet. Emily also likes the food here again, that's how long it's been since we practically lived here for a few months back in 2008.

more updates when I have them. Get out there and have a wonderful holiday weekend.


Anonymous said...

You guys are so calm about this. It just shows how many times you have already gone through the "drill" as you say. Take care and keep us posted.
Love, Grannie & Grampa

KMGheno said...

Bummer. May your stay private and your stay be short. Hang in there Peppers.

Much love - KMGheno